new and improved combined blog...

So, I was keeping up way too many blogs and I decided to combine them and the best way to do that was to import my two main blogs to one wordpress blog. I hope you guys will still continue to read what I write, because it really does mean a lot to me to have such great readers. My new blog address is: http://krissyranae.wordpress.com. There you will find both my writing blog, my random whatever blog, and a brand new post! Thanks guys!


the internet: a great place for undeliverable mail...

To you,
I miss you irrationally. I just want to be close to you right now, and it is completely impossible. Life is stupid. Sometimes I wonder what I did to Karma to piss her off to the point where bad things follow me around. Even things that seem good at the time lose their glimmer and I realize that they really weren't gold as they had first seemed. It is amazing how big of a chasm separates us. You are one place, I am another, and although I would love to sit and rest my head in your lap, it isn't possible. More than anything I want to hear your voice telling me that everything will be okay. I want you to brush my hair out of my eyes like you used to and make me laugh. I miss laughing with you. I want time travel. I want to be able to revisit your table so that we can talk again. I want to smile at you and see an answering smile on your face. Someone should make the impossible possible.
Sweet dreams...


a poem in a college notebook...

Lickity-splickity splat!
The cat ate grandma's hat.
The cat did choke,
and then it croaked.
Lickity-splickity splat!


dead brain... too much comic writing...

Could we imagine for a minute
a place cut out of time
where there was another story,
before it was washed away with turpentine.
There were thoughts and there were songs
and someone blew ash into the air.
It carried on the wind and landed
far away off in the over there.
Something sat on the west side,
while there was nothing to the east,
and Fate sat and decided
who she liked the least.
While it turned over to the other
making circles in the sand
sending ripples through the water
cutting wrinkles in her hand.
Then the sirens sounded
drawing life closer to the rocks.
They shredded souls and left alone
the ships moored on the docks.


dead scarf...


Here lies the remnants of a once beautiful scarf.
You were not long in this world, and that was the real problem.
Ultimately, you just fell short, and were cut down.



most certainly, yes, quite...

Well hello, dear nemesis. So, it seems we meet again. I must have been somewhat mistaken upon our last encounter when I had thought to have ended you. However, it seems that your light was not snuffed. My revelry in your demise was premature and my elation over your doom was misplaced. Once again we stand toe to toe looking at one another directly in the eye. Actually, is it my imagination, or did you shrink some? I seem to be staring, more or less, at your forehead. Never mind that small rabbit trail of a notion, it was misguided... Bother, perhaps you became more diminutive in stature specifically to throw me off my original intent. Now I seem to have forgotten where I was going with this whole speech. Blast! You may have one this battle, my most hated and ubiquitous foe. However, as it is your very nature (see previous descriptor), we shall meet again. I am most ready for this encounter, and I will prepare my next oration with more care. Let it be known that you will meet your demise at the will of my very hand.


at least for now...

If this could be a little less of me
and a little more like life:
for a time floating through the air,
living in space, less light
at least for now...
I wanted to learn to fly,
to bend what has to lie and make
something that looked like
it could be the facts,
at least for now...
Complex, it was defined,
but working within the given rhyme:
making something that I wanted
math or science something other,
at least for now...
Do not yell those obscenities
telling me what was supposed to be:
you are dark and dimming now
into the cold and swirling mist,
at least for now,
at least for now...