oh goodness gracious...

I'm awake. Clearly, I should be sleeping. Jenna... sleeping. Josh... sleeping. Cole... sleeping. Krissy... not sleeping. "Why?" you may ask. The answer is that I have no clue. I'm kind of tired. I have no crazy thoughts running through my head. But I am awake. As long as I'm awake, I think I'll write a limerick.

There once was a lad from the city,
who composed a rather long ditty.
He sang it in France
while wearing silk pants.
Which really, you see, was quite witty.

Maybe another one just for good measure? "Yes!" you say? Well, okay then... if you insist!

A long time ago at Fort Knox,
a monkey was found wearing socks.
The men living inside
they broke down and cried.
The monkey ran off with an ox.

Oh, I do say! I am quite good at late night nonsensical poetic delights.

Much love to my fans!



Heidi said...

This brings back wonderful memories of Freshman year and the limericks we wrote at just such a late hour and then shared with the entire wing. :)

Zach said...

I do have to say those were quite good.