Today went well... So well, in fact, that I am going to write something for all of you. I'm not sure what will come next. Your guess is really as good as mine. I just ramble on after all, I don't actually think much of this through before my fingers hit the keyboard.

One score and almost four years ago, a girl set forth on a journey to rule the world! She was frequently thwarted in her early domination attempts and so she eventually gave up and decided to eat cake instead. Or did she?


Here lies a perfectly good bit of chicken.
While it was alive, it pecked the ground, in death it was tasty.
The floor was its ultimate demise,
Those who knew this bit of chicken, will surly miss it.
Dear chicken, rest knowing that you made lives better before your untimely departure to the trash can.

Not a Limerick: (Slightly dirty for I have been previously reprimanded for the cleanliness of my prior not a limericks/real limericks)

There once was a girl with nice legs
Who liked the way boys would beg.
She wore scandalous skirts,
And skipped through the dirt,
Then she realized that she was objectifying herself in a horrendous way and committed the rest of her life toward the banning of such ridiculous and reprehensible clothing as the mini skirt.

The End
Nighty night friend types.

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Tibbsy said...

Reprimanded... I gently and kindly pointed out that limericks were often dirty. Yours starts off all well and good, but then ends in flames.
1) she wasn't objectifying anything she was "workin' it"
2) she was workin' it good
3) okay, maybe there was a little objectification, but it wasn't horrible (at worst it was whoreible).
4) chicken is tasty

And in turn!

There once was a woman from France.
Who tripped on the length of her pants.
She'd fall on her butt
And mutter and sput
And don't you know that she complained so much she got that poor seamstress girl fired. She wasn't able to get another job, which violated her parole and the same day she went back to prison there was another new inmate that kidnapped children and everyone wanted revenge on her so the next day in the shower the poor seamstress got stuck with a shiv.

Oh, and miniskirts aren't evil, it's simply nature. It's spring and the coeds are in bloom.