cheers darlings...

Tears fall.
You sing sweeter when the lights go down.
Cheerful misery written in the lines,
etched upon your face,
a story older than how we see time.
There is a way out,
but why would you take it?
This is the way that life is,
it makes you feel better just to fake it.
Here's to beer and the good times,
brought on by the bad times.
Here's to life being unpredictable.
Raise a glass or a bottle,
hit the ground running don't stop.
It could be better,
but remember,
it could always get much worse.
Life is painless,
love can make it,
maybe you can cut off the disdain.
As tears fall,
you realize that good and bad
they are all the same.
The same reactions,
same attractions.
Things will always be this way.

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