mom... don't read this... you won't like it... the language will make you mad... you have been warned...

When the sky falls,
I hope you are alone.
Sitting somewhere in the dark just watching.
You make my soul catch fire,
and then somehow there is nothing.
Leave this alone.
Stay out of it.
Let the fucking sky fall
and surround you.
Know me for just one minute.
The only way to understand
is to be surrounded
completely shrouded
in pain and darkness and beauty.
It is everything and nothing,
and I hope you find it alone.
Smell the flowers and
drink up the whiskey and gin
take a minute to let the wind whirl
and the earth shake.
The sky is falling down
and you have lost the wreath
that rested on your head
like some lost and sacred crown
and now you are nothing but someone like me.
If the world has left you alone
while you sit and call the stars into your lap
then maybe you can understand,
and finally fucking love me.
Let your soul fall apart.
My soul falls apart.
There has to be more,
but there is no more to take
and I wonder what will be left
when we turn around and walk away
from the place where you
sat as the sky crashed down.


Heidi said...

this is beautiful. Krissy. i'm serious.

love you!

Mama Lois said...

:) Love you