now I am just stalling...

It's been a while since I put up limerick...

There once was a toe on a foot
That liked to play in the soot
It got lost in the fog
And kicked a stray dog,
And now in a shoe it stays put.

Not a limerick...

I've found a reason to drink
On every day of the week.
This drinking has caused
Me to take pause
And thank iGoogle for having such an amazing widget that would tell me daily a valid reason to go buy alcohol. Cheers!


Heidi said...

oh boy.

every time you post a limerick it sends me back to the days of our youth when we wrote dirty limericks and posted them at school... tee hee...

Tibbsy said...

Heidi, limericks are supposed to be bawdy... a fact Krissy doesn't embrace very much.

She regretted that he had stayed
It'd been a while since she got laid
Everything was just grand
'Til it got out of hand
Because when the time came, he brayed!

The meter is off, but I don't care.