shifty, shifty...

Another entry or two from my little notebook. It's been a really long time since I posted stuff from it.

You are welcome to look
until I shut you out.
Trust me when I say that
you are nothing special.
I see you the same as I see
him, or her, or them.
If you were different,
then I would keep you.
Shamefully, I will let you
keep plugging away.
If you want to waste your time,
you are welcome.
I want to want you,
more than I want to feel the wind.
Maybe burying myself in the sand
is the best solution.
It will slowly shift and crush me
as I breathe.
Then you will have me,
for as long as you want me.

I have a car, full of gas, ready to run.
Come with me into the hills,
we will spend some time basking in the sun.
If we hide behind the rocks,
and build ourselves a house in the valley,
they will not know where we have gone.
Tell me to come away with you,
I will be in your arms soon.
Nothing can stop me,
when I set my mind on what I want.
Let me run away with you,
somewhere, anywhere, as long as I can
fade away into oblivion with you.

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