Time with Josh

So, after being insanely mad at my husband this morning (at like 7 a.m.) for watching movies at far to high of a volume for most of the night, I wrote a nasty blog and stormed out of the house to find coffee. While driving down the rode and cursing Josh for everything I could think of, I realized that I needed to calm down. I went home and told Josh to put shoes on while I got Jenna ready because we were going out for coffee and he was going with me and I was going to stop being mad at him. So we went to coffee and then we went and bought a paper and went around to yard sales. It was so much fun!

Anyhow, I ended up having a really good day when I was expecting to have a really bad one. Although, I think I might kick Josh in the face if he tries to watch another Karate Kid movie tonight while I am trying to sleep... ;)

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