for better or worse...

My face is, as I have decided to come to terms with, my face. It will not leave. It is... attached. I do not have anything against the face stuck to the front of my head really, I more have a problem with my nose. Now, when I say I have a problem with my nose, I mean that I have a problem with the fact that my nose flares when I am angry or annoyed. I also hate that this is a direct indicator to anyone who knows this fact of exactly how I feel about various mundane and significant matters. Due to the minor readership of this blog, I feel relatively comfortable sharing this little fact. Wait, maybe I don't. I'm not sure. It is too late to really tell... maybe we should ask my nose.
"Nose, are you okay with me telling the world our secret?"
(nose flares)


Zach said...

I'll take note of this

Mama Lois said...

Ah, sorry dear. Unfortunately you got this from me. It has always put me at a disadvantage. I guess there are worse things. :)