Josh and Cole are both snoring. Usually I find this oddly comforting, but tonight I find it... annoying. Therefore, I grumble.




Maybe I will get to sleep soon. However, I do not count on it.

So, my sweet group of loyal readers, I will sing sweet silliness into what are most likely your overly serious lives. After all, smiles are good for the soul. We would not want said souls to become ill would we?

Fractured Nursery Rhymes:

Hickory Dickory Dock,
You sniffed an old smelly sock.
Your face turned green,
And it ruptured your spleen.
Hickory Dickory Dock.
Jack and Jill went up a hill
To eat a turkey cobbler.
Jack cried fowl,
And he did scowl,
And Jill went crying to mother.

These are not limericks:

There was an old woman from Boston,
Who always got lost in the commons.
She liked her fish fried,
When she spoke, she did lie,
And so she was told she had to go live somewhere else because the good people of Boston were no longer going to put up with her antics.

Someone from Mars went to France
To look at designer pants.
They liked how they looked,
But away they still booked
Because the prices in France were simply exorbitant and they realized they could probably get the same quality pants without the designer label back home.


C.R. Marquez said...

Yay non limiricks!

Tibbsy said...

I like these, however I would point out one thing: Limericks are often dirty.

Here's one that I did not write.

There once was a monk from Kerplunks
Whose body was that of a hunk's
The nuns all went woozy
when he stepped into the jacuzzi
For the monk had forgotten his trunks.

katieanne said...

i'm laughing really hard...